June 13, 2024

Unveiling the Power Behind Cyqur: Binarii Labs' Revolutionary Technology

Binarii Labs’ Data Security Platform (DSP) integrates advanced data security and storage solutions into applications via a plug-and-play API, addressing vulnerabilities in backend-as-a-service (BaaS) practices highlighted by recent research. Utilizing patented technology, Binarii Labs encrypts and fragments data across multiple user-owned cloud locations, ensuring security, uninterrupted access, and full control over data, with additional blockchain verification for comprehensive protection against breaches.

Welcome back, Cyqur users! We're thrilledyou're enjoying the beta access and appreciate your valuable feedback thathelps us constantly improve.

As you know, Cyqur is just one product from theinnovative suite powered by Binarii Labs' groundbreaking, US & UK patenteddata security technology. This technology forms the core of all our offerings, ensuringunparalleled data security and user sovereignty.

Here's a glimpse into the broader Binarii Labsproduct landscape built upon this revolutionary approach:

·     Data Security Platform (DSP): This enterprise solution empowers businesses toseamlessly integrate Binarii's core data security and storage layer into theirapplications or infrastructure, creating a secure back-end. Through aplug-and-play API integration, DSP delivers significant value in data security,breach protection, business continuity, disaster recovery mitigation, anddigital sovereignty.

·     Data Security Management (DSM): This application leverages Binarii Labs' core technology for securedata storage and sharing, utilizing its revolutionary file transfer protocol.Imagine secure solutions like virtual data rooms, deal rooms, and Secure FileProtocol – all functioning seamlessly across user-owned and controlledmulti-cloud environments.

·     Captrii : Thiscomprehensive stakeholder management solution utilizes Binarii Labs' coretechnology. Captrii offers features like cap table management, DD riskassessment with a focus on KYC/AML compliance, and a convenient voting app –all consolidated into a single, next-generation platform.

Unveiling the PowerhouseTechnology:

But what exactly underpins these innovativeproducts? Binarii Labs' revolutionary technology encrypts and fragments yourdata, distributing it across multiple user-owned cloud locations. This uniqueapproach ensures that even in the event of a breach, hackers would only accessincomplete and useless fragments, rendering your data unreadable and worthless.

Beyond basic protection, our technology ensuresuninterrupted data access even if a cloud provider experiences downtime.Additionally, you retain complete control over where your sensitive informationresides, empowering unparalleled data sovereignty.

Furthermore, our defense-in-depth strategyincorporates multiple layers of security, including blockchain technology. Thisverifiable record serves as proof of completed security processes and providesan extra layer of protection against potential threats.

We invite you to explore the full potential ofBinarii Labs' groundbreaking technology and its diverse range of data securitysolutions. Visit us at more details.