Data Security Management

Revolutionising Document Security

Introducing DSM (Data Security Management), the ultimate solution for secure document storage and distribution. Tailored for due diligence processes during mergers or acquisitions, DSM's Virtual Data Room (VDR) boasts cutting-edge features

Virtual Data Room

Our Virtual Data Room (VDR) offers the following key features

Zero-knowledge Basis

Ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Fragmentation, Encryption, and Distribution

Documents are fragmented, encrypted, and distributed across multiple user-owned storage locations.

Secure File Sharing

Protecting files during sharing processes.

Elimination of Email Vulnerability

Removing the risks associated 
with email transmission.

Error Elimination

Preventing human errors and 
logging user actions.

Automated Proof of Record

Providing a digital proof of record for enhanced accountability.

Flexible Use Cases

Serving as a Data Room, KYC, 
and AML solution.

User-friendly Interface

Simple to use without requiring
technical expertise.

Ultimate Add-on Application

Facilitating storage and sharing of final executed documents.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Binarii's Document Security Service sets a new standard in file transfer protocols, prioritising zero-knowledge architecture and data ownership. Our secure file protocol ensures confidential transmission of sensitive information, delivering unparalleled control and security.

Zero-knowledge Web 3 Archiving

Embrace the future of document management with our zero-knowledge Web 3 archiving system. Our solution guarantees the secure and confidential preservation of data, meeting the demands of the digital era.

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