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Binarii Labs’ unique process has many different applications, some of which we are developing ourselves, and we are also opening our gateway for third parties to avail themselves of our core functionality.

Binarii Labs Platform

Binarii Labs Platform is built on our foundational security technology. This technology embodies our core values of data security and breach protection, business continuity, disaster recovery mitigation, and digital sovereignty. It has been and will be developed into a wide range of applications.

These applications will play a vital role in various sectors and organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to global corporations, in industries including finance, law, public, and healthcare.

Data security as a platform

One of the key offerings of Binarii Labs is to provide Data Security as a Platform (DSP), granting access to parties who want to utilize the platform capabilities by accessing Binarii Labs’ best-in-class API through Stoplight and Postman. The capabilities include:

  • Data encryption
  • Proof of record to the blockchain
  • Fragmentation and duplication of data
  • Storage to the location of the customer's choice;
    we recommend three different locations, including three clouds.

This provides the client with significant value in terms of data security, protection against breaches, business continuity, mitigating disaster recovery, and digital sovereignty.

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Web3 Password Manager (beta)

Password Protector

Passcode manager with proof of record blockchain write fragmented packets for enhanced security, zero knowledge, and multiple versions, seamlessly transitioning from standalone to password manager functionality.

In Pilot Testing
Data Security Management

The examples below demonstrate how DSM can be applied.

Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room (VDR), or a deal room, is a secure online repository for document storage and distribution. It is commonly used in due diligence before mergers or acquisitions to review, share, and disclose company documents. DSS is ideal for this, as its features include:

  • Zero-knowledge basis
  • The fragmentation, encryption, and distribution of all documents across multiple user-owned storage locations
  • File protection and secure file sharing
  • Entire removal of email vulnerability
  • Elimination of human error and logging of all user movements of documents
  • The world's only solution with automated digital Proof of Record
  • Date & Time Stamp plus unique identifier record via public blockchain
  • Flexible use cases: Data Room; KYC and AML
  • Easy to use with no technical competency required
  • Ultimate add-on application for storing and sharing final executed documents

Secure File Protocol

In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, Binarii Document Security stands out as a pioneer in safeguarding sensitive information through its revolutionary file transfer protocol. With an emphasis on zero-knowledge architecture and complete data ownership, Binarii offers unparalleled control over shared data, ensuring secure transmission while maintaining full confidentiality.

Zero-knowledge Web 3 Archiving

Our zero-knowledge Web 3 archiving system for document management ensured the secure and confidential preservation of data in the digital era.

In Development
Stakeholder Solutions
Stakeholder Manager
Platform covering KYC, share capital, voting, etc., featuring proof-of-record blockchain. It writes fragmented files for heightened security and employs zero knowledge.
Due Diligence Risk
Due diligence risk service with a focus on KYC/AML, offering a potential module for cap table, providing full mapping of actors including KTC, sanctions, associations, and relations.
Key Vote
A voting app for various needs. It documents voting records and results, assigning a unique identifier number through an immutable digital Proof of Record. This ensures the preservation of corporate action votes, like resolutions.
What's Coming Next
Password Manager
Web 3 Password manager tailored for enterprise and businesses
Messaging app offering zero knowledge messaging, seamlessly integrating with DMS.
Document signing by directly embedding them into the blockchain – distinct from traditional e-signatures, akin Block sign.
Fake Detector
Fake detector allows content providers to authenticate their content's origin and verify its authenticity, safeguarding against misinformation.
Digital ID
Digital ID, a blockchain- based digital wallet, streamlining the essence of DMS and Cyqur for efficient use.
Code Vault
Code vault, a GitHub addon that replaces nonce security, providing AI prompt validation proof.