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Product Overview

Binarii Labs Platform

Binarii Labs Platform is built on our foundational security technology. This technology embodies our value proposition of data security and breach protection, business continuity, disaster recovery mitigation, and digital sovereignty. It has been and will be developed into a wide range of applications.

These applications will play a vital role in various sectors and organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to global corporations, in industries including finance, law, public, and healthcare.


DSP is a comprehensive data security platform that provides advanced features such as encryption, fragmentation, and secure storage, protecting sensitive information across various industries.

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Cyqur is a web3 password manager and browser extension. It secures access credentials without storing any data by fragmenting and encrypting it using a zero knowledge process.

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DSM is an innovative data security management system that ensures the protection, secure sharing, and auditing of critical documents, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity.

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Captrii is a solution designed for stakeholders, assisting in organising and managing information related to company ownership and holdings.

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What's Coming Next
Password Manager
Web 3 Password manager tailored for enterprise and businesses
Messaging app offering zero knowledge messaging, seamlessly integrating with DMS.
Document signing by directly embedding them into the blockchain – distinct from traditional e-signatures, akin Block sign.
Fake Detector
Fake detector allows content providers to authenticate their content's origin and verify its authenticity, safeguarding against misinformation.
Digital ID
Digital ID, a blockchain- based digital wallet, streamlining the essence of DMS and Cyqur for efficient use.
Code Vault
Code vault, a GitHub addon that replaces nonce security, providing AI prompt validation proof.