Binarii Labs'
Patented Security Process

Our patented data security process encrypts, fragments, and distributes your data wherever you want, and records its provenance on the blockchain for unprecedented security. 
However, you always own and control your data.


Our solution encrypts your valuable data wherever you input it into one of our products, using AES-256


Your data is fragmented and scattered across multiple cloud locations


Encrypted pieces are stored across multiple cloud providers so data is incomplete and useless if hacked


By adding proof of record on blockchain to confirm security process is complete

What We Do

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Thoughtful Technologists

As enterprise technologists, we combine frontier technology expertise, including Distributed Ledger Technology especially, with an extensive and diverse range of business experience.

We leverage our proprietary technology to build software solutions that focus on not only protecting users' data but also empowering them to retain absolute ownership of their data.

This is achieved while being agnostic around the user's own cloud storage preferences and enabling them to still use enterprise-recognised and established cloud storage providers.

Application and Approach

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Binarii Labs' unique patented process has many different applications, many of which we have developed ourselves as part of our suite of services or are in the development pipeline.
We have also opened up our platform through APIs for third parties to avail themselves of our core functionality through best-in-class APIs.

Our Expertise

Expertise and Sectors

Binarii Labs' depth of enterprise experience and understanding enables us to offer products with unparalleled business relevance. Our growing suite of SaaS solutions has been designed from the ground up to directly and effectively address the needs of multiple sectors, including legal, engineering, and financial services.

Binarii Data Security Platform

The Binarii Data Security Platform enables our secure data security services to be easily applied through straightforward APIs to any industry, segment, or use case.

Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Through how we have integrated blockchain (or DLT) as a key part of our proprietary solution and tech stack, businesses can benefit from greater transparency, improved security, and easier traceability.

Our Valued Clients

“Storage and management of secret-data is key to both Web2 and Web3. Moreover, it is just as critical to retail end users as it is to institutional clients that manage billions in assets. Binarii Labs is building a suite of solutions centred around secret-data storage and management that range from passwords in the Web2 world to private keys in the exponentially growing space of Web3.”
Dr. Amrit Kumar

Chairperson of Binarii Labs,
Co-Founder of Zilliqa,
COO of Altlayer