Our Team

Our team at Binarii Labs comprises experts from various domains, united in our mission to innovate in data security. Get to know our dedicated team below

Our Team
We're committed to pioneering cybersecurity through our innovative patented data security process. Our mission is to ensure that your data remains securely under your control. Based in Dublin, we collaborate with global partners and distributors across the world.
Our Team Members
Dr. Amrit Kumar
Maria Lam
Non-Executive Director
Hemant Mardia
Non-Executive Director
Aidan Finn
Co-Founder + CEO
Steven Garner
Co-Founder + CTO
Ciarán McNamee
Co-Founder + CBDO
Nigel Carter
Co-Founder + UK Director
Conor Begley
Chief Product Officer
Bronagh O'Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer
Maria Cupido
Chief Marketing Officer
Savo Vukovic
Senior back-end developer
Petar Ponjevic
Front-end Developer
Sean Corcoran
Front-end Developer
Jelena Domcic
DevOps engineer
Marija Rakic-Skokovic
Head of Quality Assurance
Damilola Ogunmoroti
Elida Lima
Business Development Executive
Luana Pompermaier
Business Development
Relationship Management
Janko Skokovic
Senior Software Test Engineer
Hansom Lee
Dragan Krtalic
Senior Solutions Architect
Oisín Mallon
Business Development
Dan O'Donovan
Business Analyst
Vedhas Shejwalkar
Business Analyst
Eddie Lim
Binarii Labs Asia - Director (Singapore)
Claire Costello
Financial Controller
Jonny Northcutt
Accounts executive
Dina Vyapuri
Head of recruitment, diversity &
Jamie Sherry
Company solicitor
Kevin Fournier
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Predrag Skokovic
Software Test Consultant
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Our Goal
Who we are defines, how we move ahead
Diversity and Inclusion
In today's complex world, we must explore each challenge by approaching it from multiple perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are our differentiating strengths that ensure we continue to look forward.
Nurturing Diverse Talent
Our enduring ambition is to build the best global team—one that is inclusive of differing perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences and represents the increasingly varied markets and clients we serve.
Creating an Inclusive Culture
What we do defines who we are. That's why we deliver programs that support well-being and offer a range of family-friendly, inclusive employment policies and employee forums to support the engagement, development, and advancement of our people.
Setting a Market Standard
We stand by our actions. We prioritize inclusion throughout the talent lifecycle, from recruitment and development to retention and advancement. We provide and engage in industry thought leadership on important issues that affect our employees and society at large.