June 26, 2024

Did you know stolen passwords are now a hacker's goldmine?

Binarii Labs’ Data Security Platform (DSP) integrates advanced data security and storage solutions into applications via a plug-and-play API, addressing vulnerabilities in backend-as-a-service (BaaS) practices highlighted by recent research. Utilizing patented technology, Binarii Labs encrypts and fragments data across multiple user-owned cloud locations, ensuring security, uninterrupted access, and full control over data, with additional blockchain verification for comprehensive protection against breaches.

According to cybersecurity reporter SamSabin at Axios, attackers are increasingly using legitimate useraccounts, not malware, to infiltrate major companies.

Here's why this is a serious threat:

·      Easier toEvade Detection: Hackers using stolen credentials can fly under theradar of traditional security measures, making it harder to stop them.

·      DrasticIncrease in Attacks: IBM saw a 71% increase inattacks relying on stolen credentials in 2023 compared to 2022.

·      Booming DarkWeb Market: The number of ads for stolen login information hasjumped nearly 20%.

Traditional password managers aren'tenough! Research shows they've been vulnerable to breaches.

That's where Cyqur comes in.

Introducing Cyqur: The RevolutionaryPassword Security Solution

Cyqur utilizes Binarii Labs' patentedtechnology to offer a truly decentralized way to manage your passwords andsensitive data. 

Unlike traditional passwordmanagers, Cyqur:

·      Shreds andSpreads Your Data: Your information is encrypted anddistributed across multiple user-owned cloud locations. Even if a breachoccurs, attackers would only get useless fragments.

·      UnbreakableSecurity: Our multi-layered approach, includingblockchain technology, ensures the integrity and verifiability of yourdata.

·      CompleteControl: You decide where your data resides, giving youunparalleled data sovereignty.

Cyqur goes beyond basic passwordmanagement, offering:

·      UninterruptedAccess: Even during cloud outages, you can stillaccess your data.

·      DataProvenance Tracking: Cyqur tracks your data's originand creation time for enhanced security.


Stop relying on outdated passwordsecurity. Sign up for Cyqur today and take control of your sensitiveinformation!