June 20, 2024

How Cyqur Secures Your Data: Preventing Common Attack Vectors in Password Management

Cyqur ensures robust security against common attack vectors for password managers. Even if your Cyqur login credentials are stolen, data remains encrypted with your unique key, and brute force attacks are thwarted by a three-attempt limit. Cyqur’s decentralized storage scatters encrypted data across multiple user-owned cloud locations, eliminating single points of failure, while blockchain technology provides an immutable proof of record for tamper-proof security.

Hello Cyqur Users,

We hope you're enjoying the convenience and security of the Cyqur Chrome extension. Here are the four most common attack vectors for password managers and how Cyqur prevents them:

1. Stolen Cyqur Account ID and Password

If your Cyqur login ID and password are stolen, rest assured your sensitive data remains secure. Cyqur encrypts data using your unique Cyqur encryption key, so even if hackers obtain your credentials, they cannot decrypt your data.

2. Brute Force Attempts

Cyqur thwarts brute force attacks with a three-attempt limit on password entries. After three incorrect tries, your account is temporarily locked, preventing automated attacks. You can unlock your account using a secure recovery method.

3. Centralized Storage Vulnerabilities

Unlike traditional password managers with centralized storage, Cyqur's technology scatters encrypted data fragments across multiple user-owned cloud locations. This decentralized approach eliminates single points of failure, keeping your data secure even if part of it is breached.

4. Blockchain Proof of Record

Cyqur uses blockchain technology to create an immutable proof of record, ensuring complete security processes and providing a permanent, tamper-proof audit trail.

About Cyqur

Developed by Binarii Labs, Cyqur addresses security gaps in existing password managers. It empowers you to securely store sensitive data in your own locations, offering unrivaled data sovereignty. Cyqur encrypts and fragments data across multiple user-owned clouds, ensuring security even if breached, and provides uninterrupted access and blockchain proof of record.

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Best regards, The Cyqur Team