March 17, 2024

Global Outage Alert!

Binarii Labs offers a revolutionary solution to mitigate the detrimental effects of cloud outages, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity and enhanced data security through their patented technology, Cyqur, providing peace of mind for users worldwide.

Recently, Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram experienced a major outage lasting over two hours due to a technical issue, impacting hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Such outages can have detrimental effects on brand reputation, productivity loss, and user frustration. According to the 2020 Data Protection Trends Report by Veeam, a staggering 95% of organizations globally experience unexpected outages, with the average duration being just under 2 hours. Did you know that one hour of downtime for a "high-priority" application is estimated to cost $67,651?

At Binarii Labs, we're dedicated to solving the issue of business continuity caused by cloud outages. Introducing our revolutionary US-UK patented solution: encrypted fragmented data stored across multiple user owned cloud locations. Our innovative technology ensures that your operations can continue seamlessly even if one cloud experiences an outage, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Plus, in the event of a breach, our fragmented data approach means hackers only get incomplete and useless information.

Our revolutionary password manager built on this patented technology. Cyqur securely stores seed phrases, passwords, and all access credentials, remaining impervious to hacking or outages. Say goodbye to downtime worries and hello to uninterrupted productivity with Binarii Labs' cutting-edge solutions!