Our Solutions

Through our Blockchain services, businesses can benefit from greater transparency, improved security, and easier traceability.

Secured by Binarii – Cyqur - Access Credentials protection

Keep your access credentials yours with distributed ledger technology enabled security that protects your digital sovereignty, your access to sensitive documents, access to financial applications and more. Have confidence in a password,seed word, private key, secure storage application that provides the convenience of all your access credentials securely and safely indexed and accessible through your unique access point to a de-centralised secure storage system.

Own your own passwords, never need to share with any centralised entity or individual unless you wish to. Use the application with ease,but with the peace of mind that your most important data is being protected from malicious attacks. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the handling of your secure access credentials in the event of death or incapacitation has been securely set in place.

Binarii DMS

A document management repository for files, data, images, audio, video and other sensitive digital assets, Binarii DMS indexes them on the blockchain and fragments against multiple data stores to ensure redundancy and reduce hack risk. Using a custodian of last resort, our DMS streamlines succession management handovers.

Binarii AMS

Binarii Actor Management System uses machine learning and analyses transactions and journey actors to ensure risks are mitigated for bad actor interaction. Our AMS reduces the onboarding and monitoring expense of paper based KYC and historical AML activities.

Binarii Accounting

Using a web service running in tandem with corporate accounting systems, we use double entry smart contracts to speed up transaction recording, eliminate reconciliations and enable ledger sharing to reduce duplication on a DLT. Combined with the Binarii DMS, invoices, contracts and orders can be easily protected and shared

Industries + Sectors

Binarii Lab's depth of enterprise experience and understanding enables us to offer products with unparalleled business relevance.

Our growing suite of SaaS solutions have been designed from the ground up to directly and effectively answer the needs of the Financial Services, Accounting, Legal, Asset Servicing and ESG sectors.

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